Our range of primers for metal substrates protects against corrosion of mild steel and provides excellent adhesion over difficult substrates, such as aluminium and galvanised steel.

They provide a sound base for topcoating or a decorative finish of their own.

Try our RHINOGRIP® Etch Primer for the ultimate in adhesion.
Available in an extensive range of standard colours or matched to your requirements, our enamel topcoats protect and decorate your product with colour and class.

From economical ZIP DRY ENAMEL to the advantages of quick-drying RAPID ENAMEL, from the off-the-gun gloss of PURLENAMEL to the durability of IMPLEMENT ENAMEL, we have a finish coat to suit all markets and budgets.

Epoxy Coatings
Our range of exceptional Epoxy Coatings affords premium protection against corrosion and aggressive environments.

RHINAMEL® CC PRIMER, RHINOZINC and EPOXY ZP PRIMER offer high build, easy sanding and simple mix ratios.

RHINAMEL® topcoats provide excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents and abrasion.
Polyurethane Coatings
RHINOTHANE® T sets the standard for toughness, gloss, exterior durability and flexibility in protective two-pack coatings.

For ease of recoating, we recommend our acrylic-modified RHINOTHANE® AC. 2K HI FILL PRIMER and RHINOFLEET are now available for demanding transport refinish work.

Wagon Paints Wide World of Colour

The challenge was to provide a system of colour tinting that is clean, quick and easy to use, both in-house and for our extensive distributor network.

WAGON PAINTS' COLORYTE® Industrial Tint System is the result.

COLORYTE® offers colour accuracy and computer matching ability in many of our high performance topcoats. It provides the colour you require in the product you want, when you need it!