Wagon Paints is the exclusive Australian member of this international association of protective and marine coating manufacturers. Membership provides us with access to world-class formulations for Protective and Marine coatings, certifications to global standards, approvals to international specifications (such as SHELL), and the technical support of 15 manufacturers around the world.

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Transocean products and systems can be used on:

General Steel Constructions

1K products, such as Transolac Finish QD 3.33, offer easy maintenance and good protection in mild environments. For more aggressive atmospheres, where higher chemical resistance is necessary, 2K epoxy products (e.g. Transpoxy ZP Primer 1.61) provide improved protection. In some cases, mixed systems are specified, combining the better durability of an epoxy primer and intermediate coat with the ease of maintenance of a single pack finish.
Storage & Sewerage Tanks:

For all tanks, careful preparation and an impermeable coating are paramount for long service life. High build epoxy products, such as Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N, provide the necessary film thickness to resist corrosion and chemical attack. Polyurethane finishes (for example Transurethane Finish 3.44) are most suitable for the final coating of external surfaces, as they offer maximum colour fastness and gloss retention.

Offshore Structures

Severe corrosion conditions are a significant problem for offshore structures, especially in the splash zone areas. The maintenance of coatings in these areas is subject to unpredictable conditions and limited time frames. Surface-tolerant epoxy coatings (Transpoxy Masterbond) are therefore typical products of choice in this field. For new works, Transocean has developed and approved systems to meet SHELL international specifications.
Freight Containers:

Freight containers face exposure to salt spray and impact when loading / unloading. Customers expect containers to stay looking good but also require maximum return on investment. The Transobox range has been specifically developed for this industry. These products are designed for easy spraying and good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Other Transocean products now available are:

PRIMERS - Transozinc Silicate 1.52
Transozinc Epoxy Primer 1.55
Transpoxy HS Primer 91.81
ENAMELS - Transolac Finish QD 3.33
EPOXIES - Transpoxy Glaskote 4.40
POLYURETHANES - Transothane Finish 3.63